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Scar Release

Scar Release Therapy

Scar Release Therapy (SRT) is a highly effective scar reduction technique releasing the negative influence of the scar throughout the body.  

The pain and health issues we have in our older years may be directly related to the number and severity of the scars we accumulate over time!

Scars' Negative Influence:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Activate Stress
  • Injure Fascia
  • Impede Lymph Flow
  • Restrict Functional Movements

 Applying SRT to each side of scar tissue electrically “polarizes” scars by targeting cellular stimulation of microcurrent waves through the scars therefore reducing dermal trauma, adhesion and fascial restrictions, making it smaller, softer, pliable and diminished size of physical appearance.

What is a scar?

Scars are actually part of the body's natural healing process. When the deep layer of your skin (the dermis) is damaged, your body produces new collagen to repair the wound. During this healing process, the body's primary objective is to act as fast as possible to protect the surrounding structures and reduce the risk of infection. Additionally, the scaffolding required for normal collagen formation is damaged when the deep layer of the skin is injured. As such, the structure of scar collagen varies significantly from what is found in normal skin. These aberrations in collagen architecture lead to a markedly different appearance between the scar tissue and surrounding healthy skin.

When an injury occurs, the tissues go through 3 main stages of healing - Inflammation, Proliferation and Remodeling.

Inflammation, occurs initially. This is your body "kick-starting" the healing process.
All kinds of chemicals and cells are acting fast to clean up the area and protect from further injury.
Your signs and symptoms may include Heat, Redness, Swelling, Pain, and Loss of function.

Then comes the Proliferation stage. This is where the wound attempts to "rebuild" by laying down new tissue and developing new blood vessels.
Signs and symptoms; Reduced pain, Swelling starting to reduce, Bruising may appear, Heat and Redness reduced.

Finally is the Remodeling stage. The wound is getting stronger, but the new fibres aren't aligned well, so scar tissue is produced.
Signs and symptoms; Some pain, Movement gradually improving, Minimal to no swelling, heat, and redness.Although your body is attempting to make the injured area stronger by laying down scar tissue.

This can result in an increased risk of injury and a reduction in range of movement. The scar tissue also develops additional nerve endings, meaning more pain can be felt in the area.

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