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Oncology Rehab and Wellness

Oncology Massage as Part of Cancer Care

Safe Oncology Therapies for Oncology patients, survivors, in remission and for palliative care.

Oncology massage is a gentle touch that is safe and supportive for those newly diagnosed, in active cancer treatment, recovering, in remission, living with a history of Cancer and that are undergoing comfort or palliative care. Oncology Massage is a comprehensive approach that involves thorough assessment and adjustments made by the massage therapist to standard massage modalities.

Massage can make your cancer journey easier...but not just any massage; only Oncology Massage.


Customized Oncology Massage 

Customized Oncology massage is gentle and focus on comfort and relaxation to help patients get through the stress of cancer treatment as well as provide relief from the many and varied side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.   I customized the therapy to address fatigue, pain, decreased range of motion and postoperative edemas.

Oncology Massage uses a light/medium pressure that is an extremely relaxing touch in order to safely work with complications of cancer and cancer treatment. 

 Oncology massage requires therapists to be fully educated in, and pay close attention to the physical and emotional needs of patients in all stages of cancer.  If you develop cording we customize your session too.

We do a clinical consultation and during the session adaptations to the massage, or in the breast cancer rehabilitation are critical to providing a safe massage or treatment. 

Here are some of the reasons or benefits why patients seek Oncology Massage Therapy:

  • Improve quality of life
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Help with the management of pain
  • Improve quality of sleep
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Reduce unpleasant sensation from chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN)
  • Increase function in areas affected by scar tissue resulting from surgery and radiation
  • Help to cope stress post cancer treatment.
  • People need massage therapy during the process of diagnosis, or re-diagnosis.
  • Oncology Massage therapy can ease people's experiences at end of life

Axillary Web Syndrome (cording) treatment

My goal is Improve the quality of life for patients with breast cancer through specialized techniques to reduce swelling,  pain, and decrease the cording, and support the body as it heals.

Sessions vary for each patient, using gentle yet targeted massage and stretching, to help patients regain movement in their shoulders and trunk, improve comfort and function following breast reconstruction.

Axillary Web Syndrome (cording) treatment

 Your natural reaction to the pain of cording will be to avoid moving the arm and shoulder, which can lead to more tightness in the shoulder and chest area.  Using manual therapy, I gently pull the tissue on your outstretched arm, starting in the upper arm and moving down into the forearm. This sometimes causes the cord to snap or break, and you may even hear a popping sound when that happens. It's usually not painful, and it often brings relief by extending your arm's pain-free range of motion.

know that anyone who's had axillary lymph node remove, is at some risk of developing lymphedema, whether or not they've had cording.  Session to improve range of motions, reduce pain  and the cording are offered.

I offer customised sessions to help Axillary Web Syndrome (AWS)/cording.  Soft-tissue mobilization technique to work the cording, myofascia release, exercise and stretching techniques appropriate for facilitation of range of motion to support the body as it heals.

Fibrosis and Scar Management Post Oncology Surgery/Reconstruction

Many cancer patients have scar tissue from Cancer surgery. Radiation treatments can result in pain and limited mobility of the area radiated. The fibrosis and adhesions develop usually do not have the smooth appearance of the surrounding skin.

I treat scars using manual therapy, manual-assist tools, active release therapy,  and MPS which applies safe Micro current Point stimulation (MPS), a patented solution that increases inter-cellular metabolism, protein synthesis and healing.   All of this work help reduce pain and swelling, extend range of motion, and prevent scar tissue build-up. 

The therapy is customized to each patient according their post cancer surgery scars or fibrosis needs. 

Scars can cause: Chronic pain, Injure and fascia tightness, impede lymph flow, activate stress, restrict movements, and more.

Make sure you treat your scar as soon as 4-6 weeks after surgery, depends the type of surgery you can always consult with your doctor before starting Scar treatment.

Lymphedema Management 

  • Lymphedema management for Oncology patients

After any cancer surgery especially if you you had lymph nodes dissected/ removed or radiated you have at risk to develop lymphedema after the first or second year of surgery.  Without a functional lymphatic system, the body swells and aches, and we feel sluggish and even sick.  It is important to know about lymphedema after cancer surgery and how to prevent develop later stages by taking all the measures you can while in subclinical/stage 0 lymphedema.

Once the swelling of your limb has decreased, after Phase 1 or intensive phase of CDT, it is essential to continue your care to maintain reduction of swelling.

 Phase 2 is an ongoing part of lymphedema management in which the patient assumes the responsibility of maintaining and improving the treatment results achieved in Phase 1 through Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) - either self or provided by a Certified Lymphedema Therapist to able to reroute the fluid to a healthy Lymph nodes.  

  • Oncology Post operative Advanced lymphatic drainage is offered in a safe way to reduce the swelling and fibrosis.

Multiple prepaid sessions are offered at a discounted rates to help you make regular self-care more affordable.

We are here to help you in any stage of your journey. 

Reiki (Energy Healing)

Reiki's gentle energy is easily adapted to most medical conditions and may be used safely by people of all ages, including pregnant mothers, newborns, surgical patients, oncology patients, the frail, and the elderly, in any situation.  

A Reiki session can help ease tension and stress, Balance energy and Chakras, removes blocks, can help support the body to facilitate an environment for healing for those Cancer patients as it enables relaxation on all levels - physical, mental, and emotional.  

This treatment is performed laid on a massage table. You will remain fully clothed throughout the session and further covered with a blanket in order to retain a sense of warmth and security throughout the treatment. The practitioner's hands are placed in various (non-invasive) positions on the body and above in the aura level. Chakra balancing is done at the end of the treatment.

Relaxing Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is one of the most popular types of therapy among people living with cancer, survivor. There is some evidence that reflexology can help you.

  • Relax and cope with stress and anxiety
  • Relieve pain
  • Lift your mood and give a feeling of wellbeing
  • Sleep problems
  • Depression

If you are in need to have some treatments you can apply for a grant with United Breast Cancer Foundation UBCF in their Holistic program to book treatments I can customize to your needs, of course, if I am near your location. 

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