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MPS Pain Relief

MPS Pain Relief and Vagal nerve Stimulation

Micro Point Stimulation for Pain relief

MPS- Dolphin

MPS Therapy combines the principles of acupuncture, western neurology, integrative dentistry, and scar (neural) therapy into unique easy to apply protocols that reduce Stress and chronic pain. for those suffering from pain, MPS can help manage chronic pain while improving the quality of life by providing significant relief or pain management anytime or any place the need arises.

Dolphin is FDA and Health Canada authorized. The concentrate Direct current DC impulses (<=1milliamp)to acupuncture/trigger points to reduce nervous system stress in order to relax muscles and relief pain.

Microcurrent Point Stimulation MPS

MPS Pain Therapy is an autonomic nervous system (ANS) based chronic pain therapy that treats the entire body using original protocols for the purpose of reducing sympathetic nervous system stress for muscular relaxation and pain relief such as back pain, lower back pain, neck pain, and arthritis pain.

Standard Protocol SP assumes that chronic pain syndromes influence the sacral/hip misalignments and lower back radiculopathy. Therefore identifies nerve root, gait, and body mechanics as root causes of chronic pain.

Health benefit of enhanced vagal tone:

  • Decreasing inflammation: The vagus nerve sends an anti-inflammatory signal to other parts of the body.

  • Reduced muscle tone: activating vagal tone reduces muscle tension and trigger point tenderness.

  • Improved circulation and lymph flow: The vagus nerve sends information from the gut to the brain, which is linked to dealing withstress,anxiety, and fear –hence the saying, "gut feeling." These signals help a person to recover from stressful and scary situations.

  • Reduced pain: Reducing stress reduces pain, pretty simple

What Conditions Can Occupational Therapy Help Treat?

MPS therapy can provide relief for a number of conditions, such as:

  • Arthritis, 

  • Back pain / Sciatica

  • Bursitis

  • Knee Pain

  • Tendonitis


  • Inflamed joints

  • Sports injuries

  • Menstrual cramps

  • Scars & Adhesions

Dolphin Neurostim for Vagal Nerve Neuromodulation


It is the Neuro regulation to balance the Sympathetic-parasympathetic nervous system

The Vagus Nerve is the 10th cranial nerve and the longest cranial nerve in the human body. It is also the most complex of all nerves in the body that proceeds from the brain, responsible for transmitting motor information from the brain to tissues and organs throughout the body. The vagus nerve represents 80% of our Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS), directly controlling digestion, detoxification, and immunity.

The Parasympathetic nerve system is the only scientific counter to the sympathetic nervous system.

The Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) control our digestion, detoxification and immunologic balance.

  1. Regulates blood pressure
  2. Slow down the heart rate
  3. Stimulates peristalsis
  4. Control sweating and
  5. Maintain vascular/muscle tone

Stimulating the vagus nerve can 'wake up' the PNS, benefitting the human body in various ways. Lowering blood pressure naturally, decrease in muscle tone, and the innate immune system is activated, reducing body-wide inflammation (Pavlov 2012).

Benefits Of Vagal Stimulation Applications:

  • PAIN THERAPY: Dolphin VNS can introduce this potentially lifesaving intervention into any hospital or clinical setting (applied in under 15 min/patient)
  • STRESS DE-ACTIVATION: Dolphin may be applied to reduce stress and anxiety immediately and improve immunity against long haul covid and in reducing COVID-19 infections risk
  • GENERAL RELAXATION: Dolphin helps in relaxing the body resulting into lowering blood pressure, improving digestion, controlling blood sugar levels, reducing activity of stress hormones, reducing muscle tension and chronic pain.

Top Vagus Nerve Related Disorders

  • Depression or anxiety or both
  • Insomnia / sleep apnea
  • Higher blood pressure, 30%
  • Gastrointestinal complaints, 29%

Vagus Nerve Importance

The two branches of the Vagus Nerve (VN) are part of the autonomic nervous system and are considered the "brakes" of the body. This 10th cranial nerve is so important, it is responsible for our immunity, anti-inflammatory, and respiratory functioning.

Stress is a killer, as the leading cause of 90% of human deaths is stress-related conditions (Salleh 2008). So activating and maintaining a strong and vibrant vagus nerve is much more important than most people realize.

NEW FIELD of Medicine: Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS), an emerging field of bioelectronic medicine, has been proven to regulate inflammatory responses and is supported in science as a promising therapy for the treatment of COVID-19 Long-Haul symptomology

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