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"A tailored service to fit your health needs"

Licensed Massage Therapists- Certified Lymphedema Therapist - Certified Lymphatic Drainage Therapists "Vodder Technique", Oncology / Orthopedic Massage, Reiki Master

Manual Lymphatic Drainage - Vodder Method

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Detox

Lymphatic drainage to Detox,  Immunity and Management of autoimmune conditions. Lipedema swelling suppor.

Lymphatic drainage for sinus congestion and face puffines.  

Lymphatic Drainage - 

Post Operative

Post cosmetic/plastic surgery swelling reduction, Post Oncology/Orthopedic surgeries edemas, Post Lipedema liposuction swelling reduction

Fibrosis reduction & Scar Release Therapy

Lymphedema Therapy - Swelling management 

Primary lymphedema swelling. Secondary Lymphedema (cancer related) swelling management.  Chronic Venous Insufficiency edema.  Lipedema swelling support. Chronic edemas reduction

 Oncology Massage & Scar Therapy  

If you or a loved one are facing the many challenges of cancer, massage and other skilled touch techniques can be your ally. A caring, professional touch can ease pain, relax mind and body, and restore your body's own healing resources.

Oncology Massage and Rehab

Customized Oncology Massage.  Axillary Web Syndrome /Cording Rehab

Lymphedema Therapy for swelling management

Lymphatic drainage post operative and Fibrosis / Scar reduction therapy

Reiki "Energy healing" / Reflexology 

Scar massage/Scar Release Therapy

Post Onco-Plastic surgeries and breast reconstructions scar reduction 

Scars from post cosmetic procedures, C- Section

Post Orthopedic procedures scar reduction.  

 Massage Therapy

"For Pain Relief  & Relaxation"

Customized Therapeutic Massage 

Tailored to Relief Pain, Muscular Tension, and Stress

If you are looking to get all in one treatment then Customized therapeutic massage is for you. We customize it and applied our advanced techniques to help you release pain, ease tension and decrease stress. Also we offer a target Orthopedic Massage (for Pain relief) which may include Neuromuscular Therapy (for chronic pain), and Myofascia Release and other clinical techniques.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is very effective relieving muscular tension and is a deeply soothing, relaxing massage. A specialty massage that uses smooth, heated volcanic stones that penetrates deep into the muscle.

The techniques will ease muscle stiffness, relief muscular tension,  increase circulation.

Melt away the tension and stress

Thai Massage 

 Natural Therapy for Flexibility,  and Relaxation

This massage is beneficial for anyone that wants to open the flow of energy in their body and loosen up muscle tension, relieve pain, and gain more flexibility and balance. 

Assisted Yoga stretching techniques. 

Holistic therapies

Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions!

Reiki  "Energy healing"

Reiki is a natural non invasive therapy. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also facilitates an environment for healing as it enables relaxation on all levels. 

Indian head massage

Indian Head Massage is a simple and relaxing therapy that is very effective in combating muscle muscular tension, headache and stimulating hair growth, etc.  Indian Head Massage involves massage to the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, scalp and face.

Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is natural therapy, totally safe for people of all ages, from babies to the elderly, for pregnant women and those undergoing chemotherapy. It uses gentle pressure on specific points along your feet that works on energy pathways similar to acupuncture. It aims to relax you, ease stress and help with homeostasis. 

We accept HSA/FSA cards and all major credit cards 

Complementary Therapies 

Phone numbers:

Andrea (assistant)404 795 6511 

or Greta (404) 507-2701

K. Meliani

"Greta is an amazing massage therapist! She is very knowledgeable about anatomy and her deep tissue massage technique is perfect, as it targets the knots and muscle tightness with the appropriate amount of pressure for each muscle group. I feel rejuvenated every time I have a massage, and given I work on the computer quite heavily it's becoming vital to have this type of therapy to maintain a healthy posture. Greta cares a lot about the patients and goes the extra mile to ensure the therapy doesn't end at the end of the session but will advise on proper posture and at-home stretches to make sure the patient maintains good health between sessions. Thank you Greta for being a caring therapist!"


C. Ferguson

Geta's hands provide a healing touch. I've been going to her to receive lymphatic drainage massage as apart of my detox and WOW have, I noticed a difference!!. I typically have swelling in my legs and ankles and since having several sessions with Greta the pain from the swelling has started to decrease. She consistently provides great education on how I can continue to heal my body. She has a positive vibe and healing hands! Thank you, Greta.

J. Carney

I found Greta based on her wonderful google reviews and ratings. I was looking for someone in the area to perform post surgical lymphatic drainage massage and I am so glad I found Greta! Her experience and knowledge is truly top notch and she made me feel very comfortable. Her lymphatic drainage massages are always tailored to my specific needs at the time. I leave every session feeling wonderful and I am confident it helped aid in my healing process. I even sent my husband to Greta when he was having back and neck pain. He received an orthopedic massage and he said he felt even better than when he goes to the chiropractor. I highly recommend Greta to anyone needing lymphatic drainage, orthopedic massage or any type of massage services.


Lauren E.

Greta has more knowledge and experience than I have ever seen! She knows how the human body hurts and why and then knows exactly what to do. She shows compassion and genuine kindness the entire time. She is a lifelong therapist to have.

L. Hamby

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in Oct 2019. After my bilateral mastectomy, I experienced some nerve damage and shoulder damage. Following my initial surgery I had 4 more, totaling 5 surgeries in 10 months. With my arm constantly by my side for a year, the damage continued. I started Physical Therapy in 2020 and continued going for almost 1 year with no progress. I saw an Orthopedic surgeon who wanted to "explore" my shoulder. He couldn't guarantee any results. That's when I sought other means of therapy and found Greta. In just 3 sessions she has been able to make MORE progress than a year of PT did! She's great at explaining what she's doing, why I'm feeling the pain/stretch/limits I'm feeling. She explains the process of how she's going to treat my shoulder in different stages. Currently I'm in the Orthopedic Rehab stage. Once we have this completed, she will move to the next phase of treatment to include prevention of lymphedema as well as releasing the webbing that has occurred under my arm. She is very gentle and never pushes too hard or causes pain. I HIGHLY recommend Greta!!

Anna I.

Greta is amazing, she is very attentive and professional. She is working with many clients recovering after liposuction, so she knows exactly how to help them to recover.
I took one MLD session with Greta before liposuction, and 10 sessions after lipo. I am so happy, because after treatment my legs and flanks have no issue at all. I highly recommend Greta."


D. Lauklman

Mrs.Greta is AMAZING! She is professional, knowledgeable, sweet and caring! I am seeing her for my lymphatic massages after cosmetic surgery. I developed horrible fibroids after lipo and she was able to bring them down tremendously in a month. I am so happy I found her, she is a life saver. If you are looking for a licensed experienced person for lymphatic massages after your surgery she is the person to go to!!!


L. Bishop

"Such a treat, to take time out and feel so special. Greta is very professional and so caring and I never want to leave!"

Text or call us at  404 795 6511 or  404 507 2701
Member Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals ABMP, National lymphedema Network, Academy of Lymphatic Studies ACOLS
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