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Lipedema and CVI conditions 

The importance of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (CDT/MLD) in the management of the condition's progression


Lipedema  is very unfamiliar to many physicians, which is the reason why it is often misdiagnosed as bilateral primary lymphedema, Cellulitis or morbid obesity.

Lipedema is a chronic disease, which is marked by bilateral and symmetrical swelling of the lower extremities, caused by extensive deposits of subcutaneous fatty tissue.

For people who have lipedema, the swelling is caused by an overgrowth of the fat storage cells (adipocytes) that are normally found in a layer of the skin. These cells grow abnormally in size and number when someone has lipedema.

Because body fat has a liquid consistency at normal body temperatures, the fat accumulation can resemble other causes of fluid retention in the tissues.

There is not a standard treatment for lipedema at the moment. The goal can be met with a multipronged approach. The Dutch guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment for lipedema recommend stimulating vascular or lymphatic pumping through caloric balance, healthy eating plan, a specific exercise program, weight loss. whole body vibration, and liposuction. Lymphatic drainage is recommended only if lipedema is combine with lymphedema. In some cases, wearing garment after they respond well to CDT is beneficial.

The problem of lipedema is that the fat is resistant to diet and exercise. We all are trying to help to illustrate patients and let them know what are their options.

keeping active and detoxifying your body is important to keep balance of the condition.

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Stages of lipedema 1-3 &2
Stages of lipedema 1-3 &2
Lipedema Vs. Obesity
Lipedema Vs. Obesity

Table courtesy of the book Lymphedema Management, the comprehensive Guide for Practitioner. Joachim E. Zuther & Steve Norton

Chronic Venous Insufficiency Edema

This refers to insufficient venous return. It is an advanced stage of venous disease where the veins and muscles pump activities become incompetent. Venous insufficiencies affects directly the lymphatic system.

Manual lymphatic Drainage (MLD) as a major component of Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT), and is extremely effective in helping prevent the progression of lipedema to another stages called Lipo-lymphedema.

Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) is used primarily in the treatment of lymphedema and Venous Insufficiency edema. Manual Lymphatic Drainage in conjunction with compression garment, a good healthy balanced diet, and exercises can help control the progression of lipedema and the control of the edema in CVI.

There is not cure for Lymphedema, Lipedema or CVI conditions; but doctor specialized in lymphatic system and scientific research suggest the importance and the impact of Manual lymphatic drainage MLD/CDT in the management of the condition's progression.

Tables and picture courtesy of the book Lymphedema Management, the comprehensive Guide for Practitioner. Joachim E. Zuther & Steve Norton

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